Line of Business Controls for WPF & Silverlight

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UI Atoms is designed to work smooth in WPF as well as Silverlight, you can write and reuse exact same code for both WPF as well as Silverlight.

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UI Atoms 2010 for WPF and Silverlight

NeuroSpeech UIAtoms – A Smarter Way to Code!

A new Unique way of WPF/Silverlight coding, share exact same code and same logic to develop rapid business forms and advanced validation techniques with UI Atoms 2010.

Customized Desktop Applications are the need of the hour. Clients’ demands for increased flexibility and functionality combined with increasingly intuitive User Interfaces (UIs) poses a daunting challenge for programmers and coders. With the arrival of platforms like Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Framework (WPF), these solutions are achievable.

UI Atoms was developed to facilitate and enhance the scope of programming applications on platforms like WPF and Silverlight. When it comes to Business Line of Controls, the combination of WPF with UI Atoms can’t be beat!

Key Features

  1. Create Professional Business Forms in minutes
  2. Advanced DataForm for WPF & Silverlight
  3. Advanced FlexibleGrid for Easiest Layout of Form
  4. Advanced Validation Support, Inline Validation, Data Annotations Validation
  5. Inbuilt Calculator
  6. Inbuilt Measurement Unit Conversion Controls
  7. Completely customizable layout
  8. Advanced validation support
  9. Model based (Data Annotations) as well as Model Independent Validation
  10. Validation Support for Web Services, WCF, Share Point and any custom provider
  11. Easy Validation for 3rd party controls
  12. Reduce UI code by 70%
  13. Visual editor not required
  14. Existing business middleware supported

Key Benefits

The key benefits of UI Atoms Controls are that applications can be built using simple tags and by setting simple attributes, instead of writing lengthy and repetitive code. The concise code dramatically reduces the possibilities of errors, and error resolution and debugging tasks become simple. UI Atoms is guaranteed to make programming of forms, and reporting screens, a breeze! Make your applications look professional and do it with the help of easy-to-use Controls of UI Atoms today!

Since the introduction of .NET 2.0, many organizations already have application middleware designed in .NET 2.0. Using this middleware in WPF or Silverlights has proven to be a little difficult. This is primarily due to the fact that WPF & Silverlight databinding, as well as Validation models require reprogramming of the Data Layer. With UI Atoms, you can use your existing business middleware and enhance your UI to next level.