Line of Business Controls for WPF & Silverlight

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UI Atoms is designed to work smooth in WPF as well as Silverlight, you can write and reuse exact same code for both WPF as well as Silverlight.

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UIAtoms is available either for WPF, SIlverlight, or for both (UIAtoms Suite). A source code version is also available.Each purchase comes bundled with:

  • A Single Developer License
  • Unlimited Royalty Free Redistribution (Subjected to EULA)
  • Free Upgrades Subscription for 1 Year Including:
    1. New Product Updates
    2. Bug Fixes
    3. Documentation Updates
    4. Tutorials and Resources
  • Support Via Ticket System within 2 Business Days
WPF $499 UIAtoms-Buynow
Silverlight $499 UIAtoms-Buynow
Suite $799 UIAtoms-Buynow
Source Code $999 UIAtoms-Buynow

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