Line of Business Controls for WPF & Silverlight

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UI Atoms is designed to work smooth in WPF as well as Silverlight, you can write and reuse exact same code for both WPF as well as Silverlight.

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Support for Existing Customers

UIAtoms is supported by the Research and Development team of NeuroSpeech, Inc. responsible for its development.

Technical Support is available through a Support Ticket System. Responses are guaranteed within 48 hours of the support ticket being raised. Our customer service department can be contacted using the phone numbers provided on the “Contact” page.

All product updates released, including bug fixes, documentation, tutorials and resources will be made available free of cost for a year. You can report bugs using the Support Ticket Center.

Tutorials and Walkthroughs are also available. These will be updated from time to time on the Tutorials and Walkthroughs pages linked here.

If any specific issue requires our attention, please do not hesitate to contact our administrative team at


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